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    Its simple!! Engage's leading web intelligence software can detect people looking at your website, where they do it from and WHO THEY ARE. Our convenient service can offer you insights into the pages, services and products that have been viewed. Our innovative and cost effective software highlights how your visitor discovered your website and, if found through a search engine which words led them to get there.

    With our advanced IP software we can set up an instant email alert or daily one for the previous 24 hours which will inform you of when a company views your website. We have a feature where you can add extra users to your account; additionally they will be able to receive email alerts as well.

  • New business lead generation:

    Find out which businesses are viewing your companies website? Knowing that you are being checked out by a particular company gives you the extra intelligence to get in touch with them before they look elsewhere.

  • CRM with existing customers:

    Watch existing customers on your website, find out what other products or services they are interested in?

  • Competitor Watch:

    Its great watching your competitors looking round your website with envious eyes. Better still if your armed with who they are and what they looked at. In fact we are watching you now!

  • Google Ad-words accompaniment tool:

    Google has some great analysis tool, but boy are they complex. Our simple click through analysis can help finding out what works and what doesn't on your website.

  • FingerprintsFingerprintsFingerprintsFingerprints

    Please speak to our sales team for more information.

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